The 22Bet app is completely optimized to give you the feeling of having a betting site in the palm of your fingers. In this technologically advanced era, betting platforms have evolved from simply running websites, and mobile applications are the newest presently. There are applications for everything now, including sports betting sites. Moreover, the app gives you everything you can find on the site, making them easily accessible. They also have many cool features that make them stand out.

Optimized for Different Device

Many of these apps have been customized to fit different devices and operating systems. Therefore, it is available for both Android and IOS users. Furthermore, the app is compatible and can be installed on various device makes and models. 

The app can be installed and used without issue on any smartphone, regardless of its grade. These apps are usually not large, hence they are swift and very functional, making them very perfect for betting. 


A cool feature of these mobile apps that these sports betting sites have is the ability to customize your bets. You can pick your favorite markets, and remove sports categories you do not wish to bet on. 

For bettors who like selecting the same market or bet on only a particular league or tournament, the mobile app saves them from so much hassle. Therefore, you can turn on and off these functions as you wish without stress. 

Easy Live Betting

Mobile apps have made betting on live games so easy. On the mobile app, you can bet on games as they happen live with the click of a button. In most cases, the live games are usually displayed on the homepage when you open the app.

You also have the ability to watch the game direct from the mobile app. These platforms provide legal in-app live broadcast, which helps follow the game as it plays in order to monitor your live bets. 

In-app Bonuses

When you download and wager using the mobile app, you receive rewards and bonuses. Unfortunately, not all bookmakers give this reward; just a select handful do.

Once you download the app and login in with your profile, the bonus becomes available to you.

Players and Team Statistics 

These apps are so well-detailed, that they provide in-depth statistics for every top team and league. Stats can help your bet significantly, as it shows you the strength of individual players and the team overall. Also, the quality of the statistics provided can determine the level of your profits.


Betting apps have high-level security features that make them very difficult to hack. All transactions done within the app are quite safe because the sites are well-encrypted. 

There is also the two-factor authentication safety feature embedded within the app. It prevents access to your account or profit without an authorization from you.

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