If you’re looking for ways to beat the slots at online casinos, you’ve probably come across a variety of good and not-so-good tips. In this article you will find only the best of them!

When searching the internet for the best tips on how to beat online casinos you will find hundreds of suggestions, but look no further than this article! After compiling many, many casino tips, we’ve come up with the 10 best ways to win at online casino machines.

Take advantage of no deposit casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses with no deposit are basically free money! If you are awarded a €10 no deposit bonus after signing up with a casino, make the most of this opportunity, as it allows you to try your luck on the machines for free and without any risk. But at the same time, you can win real money that you can withdraw to your bank account.

If you win a significant amount of money, you will still need to make a small deposit (usually €10) in order to withdraw this money to your bank account.

No online casinos in Latvia currently offer this bonus, but several casinos offer risk-free spins. This is the next “trick”.

Casino free – risk-free spins

Casino free

Risk-free casino spins are the most popular type of bonus offered by online casinos in Latvia.

This casino bonus allows you to make a certain number of free – risk-free spins on a specific casino game.

Usually, to get free spins you need to make a real money deposit, which can be withdrawn back to your bank account immediately after using the free spins. Often, this withdrawal comes with winnings from the free spins, which can even amount to several hundred euros!

Check out the full online casino offer

Most online casinos are quite similar and offer the same games, so it’s a case of finding which casino offers the best bonuses with the best conditions.

Classic casino bonuses will allow you to double or even triple the amount of money you deposit, but on condition that the bonus amount + the deposit must be wagered a certain number of times, for example 40 times.

If you choose a casino with a classic bonus offer, then explore all the options, as other casinos may offer the same bonus amount but with lower rollover conditions.

Look for slots that “give”

Look for slots that "give"

If you’ve been to a casino or discussed the subject with your friends, you’ll have heard the term “machines that give”. This term is a holdover from the days when there were still mechanical machines which, due to technical faults, gave players much more generous winnings.

Although all slot machines are now electronic and run on random number generators, they can sometimes also be considered as ‘giving machines’. One of the secrets of slot machines is that each machine has its own return %, or how often it is set to pay out money. You can find out these percentages by asking in an online chat or email, as this information is not publicly available.

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